It is official, the school is an OUTSTANDING CATHOLIC SCHOOL. 

21st June 2018

We have received the report from the Denominational inspection which took place on Monday 30th April and the inspectors have said we are OUTSTANDING.

The Summary of key findings from the inspectors report  for parents and pupils.



St Thomas More is an outstanding Catholic school because:


  • The Catholic Life of the school, reflected in the mission statement, underpins the school which is passionate about developing pupils through the love and teachings of Christ, into individuals who can develop spiritually, academically, morally and culturally. The impact of the Gospel values is evident in liturgies and Collective Worship and strong relationships, which form the basis of the school community. Priorities since the last inspection have largely been met and there is a continuous drive for improvement for the good of the whole school community.
  • The Catholic Life of the school is outstanding. It has the highest possible priority and excellent relationships and communication are key strengths of the school. Pupils are very keen to participate in the varied opportunities provided to contribute to the Catholic Life of the school and benefit greatly from them. Effective systems for monitoring and evaluation are in place and as these are adapted and embedded they will result in continuing improvement to outcomes for pupils being achieved.


  • The quality of Collective Worship is outstanding because it is central to the life of the school and is given the highest priority. Guided by staff, pupils are demonstrating an ability to confidently plan and lead prayer and worship and the school is developing their skills in this area well. All pupils act with reverence and respect, have the opportunity to pray reflectively and formally and speak with knowledge and pride about their faith.


  • Religious Education is good. Learning and progress are at least good in each key stage. Teaching and assessment are good and effective in ensuring pupils learn well. The Religious Education curriculum is thoughtfully adapted to meet pupils’ needs and thorough self-evaluation by leaders and managers impacts positively on provision and outcomes.



Read the full report here.

A message from Mrs Wood, the Headteacher.                22nd June 2018

I am pleased and proud to inform you that following the Section 48 Inspection on 30/4/2018, the school has been judged to be an outstanding Catholic School .

Staff and Governors are pleased that the qualities of our Catholic school community have been recognised. 

I would like to thank all our pupils and every member of staff for this wonderful achievement. Children, who even on a very rainy day when they had to stay in the building for all break times and lunch time, demonstrated to the inspectors their strengths and qualities and how they make this school a strong Catholic community.

I would also like to thank all parents who completed the inspector’s survey or spoke with inspectors on the day.

I attach a letter we have received from Mr Stephen Bryan, The Interim Director of Education at the Education Commission for Southwark which highlights some key elements of the report and the summary of the report. A full copy of the report may in on the school website.

It seemed appropriate that our first opportunity to tell all the children about the report was today at Church whilst we were celebrating a Mass for St Thomas More when Father Richard congratulated the school on our success. This afternoon we then thanked all the children by giving them an ice lolly.