GSO Test

Celebrating success



 Today the following children were nominated for praise at assembly: 

Friday 5th October

Year 1:

Kai, for his excellent knowledge of famous London attractions.

Alan, for working hard in all areas of the curriculum.

And well done to all of the class for their excellent behaviour on the school trip.

Year 2:

Tobi, for having the confidence to ask the meaning of new words.

Quynh, for doing extra work at home to practice her handwriting.

Year 3:

Lennon, for a great sketch of Farmer Boggis from the Fantastic Mr Fox.

Albert, for his wonderful sketch of Farmer Bean.

Year 4:

Oscar, for showing such excellent swimming technique and also listening so well in the swimming lesson.

Riley, for listening in swimming and doing so well with his backstroke.

Year 5:

Neev, for his effort in Maths, doing so well with both speed and accuracy.

Alexandra, for the neat and tidy presentation of all of her work.

Year 6:

Tomas, for working hard to improve his Maths.

Josephine, for a great improvement in the presentation and quality of her work.


Friday 28th September


Year 1:

Luque for always being ready to learn, by sitting correctly, looking the right way and listening.

Michelle for fully participating in class discussions.

Year 2:

Sophie, for following instructions really well to make a globe with all of the continents and oceans labelled.

Aditi, for an excellent attitude towards her reading and asking for comprehension work.

Year 3:

Elija, for a big effort to improve the presentation of his written work.

Joyce, for an unbelievable improvement in the presentation of her written work.

Year 4:

Patricija, for listening in Maths and showing an excellent understanding of rounding numbers.Assunta, for listening well in class and always contributing great ideas and opinions in class discussions.

Year 5:

Eliz, for using powerful and exciting vocabulary in her letter writing.

Augustus, for his drawing skills, the shading on his bird drawing was fabulous.

Year 6:

 Jake, for an excellent explanation and write up in Science this week.

Amaia, for demonstrating brilliant punctuation and grammar skills in last week's assessment.