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Year 2

Parents' guide to Key Stage 1 tests.

In May the children will take part in formal tests set by the government. The results of these will be used by the class teacher to assess the children's attainment. 


Welcome to St Theresa's class page.

Lighthouse team visit Southwark Cathedral (48 images)

The Lighthouse team enjoyed their trip to Southwark Cathedral. For some, it was their first time travelling on a train. We travelled with the Prayer Rangers from Holy Family School. At London Bridge, we stopped to look at the Shard building, which we thought was incredibly high! In the morning, we made special beeswax candles and candle holders with beeswax and clay. We enjoyed being creative and engraving designs on our candle holders. After, we had a tour around the Cathedral and had to think what Bible story each stained glass window was featuring. The highlight of the tour was spotting Doorkins Magnificat, the Cathedral's cat. In 2008, the stray cat started to visit the Cathedral and sat the door each day in the hope of being fed. After being fed each day, the cat decided the Cathedral was her home! It is not unusual to spot Doorkins during a service at the Cathedral and she has even had the honour to entertain the Queen! It was a very interesting and enjoyable day and for most of the children, their first time in a Cathedral.

Environmental Centre (38 images)

Year 2 really enjoyed their trip to the Environmental Centre! They explored the outside environment, which is linked to their current Science topic of 'Habitats'. They went pond dipping to find different and very interesting insects and found some more underneath wooden logs. Later in the afternoon, they went to feed the pigs some vegetables and created some 'Pig Art' using twigs, leaves and branches from the trees. It was a really fun day!

Toy Shop (19 images)

In Maths, we have been learning to apply our money skills to a real-life shopping experience. The children enjoyed being in charge of counting the money in the till and taking turns to be the customers. It was a great learning experience! The children also enjoyed playing a money game and whoever made the highest amount won the round! It involved the children adding and taking away different amounts of money.

Other Faiths (55 images)

As part of Religious Education, it is important for children to be encouraged to develop an awareness, an understanding of and develop a mutual respect for people of another faith. During the week of 16th October 2017, each class studied an aspect of Judaism. The week started off with a talk by a Jewish visitor, Jon Leigh, who spoke to the children about The Torah and Jewish Worship in assembly. He then delivered workshops to different classes in Key Stage Two and the children enjoyed a taster of the Jewish faith. The children had lots of interesting questions to ask and follow-up work was done throughout the week by class teachers. Both staff and children enjoyed studying Judaism and found it interesting to compare the Jewish faith to the Catholic faith, looking at the similarities and differences.

Worry Dolls (32 images)

In Year 2, we have been reading books by Anthony Browne. One of his books 'Silly Billy' is about a young boy called Billy, who worries about many different things. Instead of keeping his worries to himself he tells them to his worry dolls. As a whole class we discussed the importance of sharing our worries with our families and friends so we don't feel too worried. We made our very own worry dolls to take home and put under our pillow! We used pipe cleaners, yarn, beads and scissors.

Lent 2017: Big Fish (91 images)

During Lent, we have reflected on those people around the world who are living in extreme poverty and those that do not have enough money to meet their basic needs, such as food, housing and clothing. On Thursday 30th March, we united as a whole school to turn little fish into big fish by 'scaling up' small fishes. Each class took turns to fill as many fish as they could with silver coins. Year 4 led the way on the fundraising event. In Maths, they were learning about area and perimeter and applied their learning in a practical way too. They each designed their own 'swimming pool' for the playground. One design was chosen and the whole school had to fill as many fish within the area of their swimming pool. The Lighthouse group worked together to count the money. Reception and Year 5 managed to fill the most fish, filling four A3 sized fish each. As a follow-up activity, children were encouraged to use their estimating skills to calculate how much money it would take to fill one fish and how many different ways they could make that total. It was an enjoyable fundraising event all in aid of Cafod.

Florence Nightingale Museum Visit (59 images)

On Tuesday 21st March, Year 2 visited the Florence Nightingale museum to consolidate their learning and understanding of their history topic all about Florence Nightingale. They had a great day and were praised for their knowledge about Florence and also for their exemplary behaviour. On Thursday 23rd March, Year 2 enthusiastically presented an informative assembly all about Florence Nightingale to their parents and the whole school.

St Thomas More and St John Fisher Church Visit (34 images)

As part of the Year 3 and Year 4 RE Curriculum, The Mass is one of the topics covered. Both classes visited our local Catholic Parish Church, where a visiting priest, Fr Terry Donnelly spoke about the Mass, the purpose and its importance. The children handled the holy objects that are used during Mass and they learnt about their symbolism. It was a very informative lesson and the children worked together to find the correct name for the holy objects and the parts of the Church.

Magic Potions (50 images)

In Maths, we have been learning to read scales and understand that we use different types of scales to measure different things. We have been reading scales that measure capacity. We carried out a 'Magic Potion' investigation to see how many ways we could use five ingredients to make a potion with 500ml. We came up with lots of different ways. We then created and named our own potion. At the end of the lesson, we poured our potions into a cauldron. We had to estimate how many millilitres the final total of all the potions would be. Altogether the cauldron held the capacity of 3,010ml. We really enjoyed our Maths lesson and it was really fun!

Traditional Tales (15 images)

In English, we have been reading the tale of Hansel and Gretel. We worked in small groups to role-play the story to help us to retell the key events. We really enjoyed our lesson, particularly using real pebbles! We really felt as though we were in the forest for real!

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel Nativity Production 2016 (16 images)

Year 1 and Year 2 each had a special part to play in the Nativity Production, which told of the story of Jesus' birth. The story was told through drama and song.

The Mystery of The Holy Trinity (33 images)

In RE in Year 2, we have been exploring the mystery of The Holy Trinity. We learnt that The Holy Trinity is three persons in one God; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We discussed how we are related in three different ways to other people, but yet we are the one person. We looked at different symbols of The Holy Trinity to reflect on how they represent three parts in one. We then designed our own symbols using playdough and we painted them. Can you identify how some of the following examples we came up with and designed are symbolic of The Trinity? A tree? A pair of headphones? A butterfly? The Shard? A thunderbolt? A puppy's pawprint?

STM's Bake Off for MACMILLAN (32 images)

On Friday 30th September, the school held a Bake Off competition and cake sale in aid of MacMillan Cancer support. The event was part of the 'World's biggest coffee morning' annual fundraising campaign. Each child that entered paid 2.00. Two prizes were awarded for the best looking cake, one from KS1 and one from KS2. After the judging took place, all the cakes were sold off after school and an amazing amount of money was raised, totally approximately 400.00. Thank you to everyone who either made cakes to go on sale, bought cakes or donated to a very worthy charity.

Crowning of Mary (76 images)

On the last Friday in May, we came together as a whole school to honour Mary, our heavenly Mother. We started our Crowning ceremony with a reading of The Visitation followed by praying a decade of the Rosary altogether outside in the playground. We formed a 'human rosary' in the centre of the playground, consisting of the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be prayers and the rest of the school sat around the outside of the rosary. Each child brought in a flower and processed into the hall to place their flower at the statue of Our Lady's feet. We finished our prayerful celebration with a well-known hymn to Mary called 'Bring flowers of the rarest'. Thank you to everyone for making this a truly prayerful occasion.