Food Bank

This page is awaiting content, Year 4 pupils are currently working on this. 

They will share their ideas with the school on Thursday 9th November.

Please read their letter

Dear Parents/Carers
Year 4’s Foodbank Mission
In Year 4, we have been thinking about generosity and want to help others during these winter months, by donating food to others who are less fortunate. We have been in contact with Greenwich Foodbank and they are really pleased we want to help. They have sent us a list of food that they would like us to collect (see list). We will be collecting food for the next three weeks and have designed our own foodbank boxes outside our classroom to collect all the donations and would like you all to get involved with our foodbank mission. It would be great if you could help us.
Here is the list of food Greenwich Foodbank would like us to collect:
Shopping List
Tins of vegetables
Tined Fruit
Rice Pudding
Tins of fish and meat
Long Life Milk
Fruit juices
However, all other food items will also be appreciated too.
Thank you for all your support.
From all in Year 4.