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On this page, you can read about what have we been doing to celebrate and actively take part in the Year of Mercy.

We have learnt Latin during our Hymn Practice and have learnt the official Year of Mercy Hymn called 'Misericordes Sicut Pater'. It means 'Merciful like the Father'.

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Year of Mercy

Mercy Parables and Stories

Each class studied a 'Mercy' parable/story. The Lost Sheep, Zacchaeus, The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan were among those studied. Each class then designed a display based on the 'Mercy' parable or story of their choice.


Year of Mercy Posters

Each class have been given a 'Mercy themed' poster for display on each classroom door to remind us that we should show mercy to everyone we meet as we leave and enter the classroom.


Year of Mercy Candle

During our Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday 10th February 2016, Father Richard blessed our school's Year of Mercy candle. Since then, the candle has been received on a weekly basis by a different class and has been the centre of reflection during collective worship. Recently, the candle was welcomed and received by Year 1 at the end of Year 5's special Sharing Assembly, who told us all about St David.


Cafod Fundraising

As part of the corporal works of Mercy and helping those in need, we united together as a whole school on Friday 26th February and Friday 4th March 2016 to raise money for Cafod to help and support those children in other countries who do not have access to clean water. We had balloons full of water and threw them. It was great fun!