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School Council 

Members of the school council have been selected to serve their class mates in the current academic year. 



School Council 2016-2017

Year 1

Adriel  Ah-Nein


Dara Litvatis

Year 2

Nora Uju


Oscar Kowalczyk

Year 3

Bobbie Morrison


Julia Gronkowska

Year 4

Navon Daniel


Isabella Dawes

Year 5

Luca Strambi


Annalise Webber

Year 6

Chloe O’Sullivan


Bogdan Ristea

 November 2016. Switch it off fortnight. 

The school council encouraged pupils to take part in the saving energy fortnight, so that we can all reduce pollution. 

Click here to read about the campaign. 

February 2017: Waste Watch

Following the School's launch of the upcycling competition, many children have brought into school items they have made by Upcycling unwanted items they have found at home. Children have made a range of toy (snakes, a Frisbee, a robot, a crocodile, a cat), items for the home ( desk tidy and storage devices, secret storage boxes, money boxes and pen pots), decorations for the home ( a hanging love heart or dream catcher) or something for the garden. ( growing pots).